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Match & Coarse

Course & Match Fishing Tackle Online

When you’ve got your coarse fishing licence you need to equip yourself for the fun and relaxing pursuit of baiting up a hook and heading off for some freshwater angling for fish like roach, perch and carp.

Fishing can be a fantastic fairly affair, especially in the summer – getting the kids out in the fresh air on the local lakes or commercial fisheries with day tickets. The coarse fishing season lasts from mid-June to mid-March on “wild” rivers and streams, but on most of the manmade lakes you can fish all year round.

Premier Angling is a long-established family run business, and we’re experienced, passionate anglers, very happy to share tips and advice to get you fishing with finesse. We stock all the angling equipment you need – coarse fishing rods and poles and tackle of all sorts.

Whether you choose to visit us in our fishing tackle store near Bristol at Port Avon, Marina, Keynsham BS31 2DD, or browse through our online shop right here, you’ll find a vast selection of coarse fishing equipment and accessories from all the top brands. We supply high quality equipment at very competitive prices, to suit those at all levels of the sport, from novice anglers to experienced fisher folk.

Besides a comprehensive selection of rods and reels and other essentials like poles and handy, manageable whips we have a wide range of all the attendant tackle like lines, leads and weights, and rig tools. Choose terminal tackle from big brands like Guru, Preston, Drennan and Korum.

Bristol Coarse Fishing Gear

We’ve got landing nets and keepnets, and scales for weighing up the catch. Just to keep things comfortable you can explore our selection of bankware and accessories – from sensible seat boxes to pole roosts and rests. When you shop for coarse fishing needs with Premier Angling you don’t have to be a fairweather angler – we keep you high and dry with our brollies and shelters.

Once you’ve got all your coarse fishing tackle, you’ll need something to tote it all in, so we’ve got boxes, bags and cases galore for packing everything away into and some nifty trolleys and barrows for transporting tackle to the water’s edge.

It’s so easy to buy your match and coarse fishing gear from Premier Angling. Just place what you need in your online shopping basket, check out securely, and we’ll deliver the goods to you within a few days. If you’re in the Bristol or Bath area come to our store – we love meeting customers in person, if only to swop fishing stories.

If you need any advice, have questions or want to get hold of some item that you don’t see featured on our website, please give us call on 01179 867507 – we’ll be happy to help.




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  1. Shakespeare Superteam Pole 11.5m
    Shakespeare Superteam Pole 11.5m
    Special Price £159.99 Regular Price £224.99
  2. Matrix Freeflow MKII standard Pole Roller
    Matrix Freeflow MKII standard Pole Roller
    Special Price £114.99 Regular Price £119.99
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £54.99
  4. Fox EOS 5000
    Fox EOS 5000
    Special Price £54.99 Regular Price £59.99
  5. Fox EOS 7000
    Fox EOS 7000
    Special Price £58.99 Regular Price £64.99
  6. Mosella EVA Dry Safe Netbag 2+ net
    Mosella EVA Dry Safe Netbag 2+ net
    Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £32.99
  7. Mosella Pole Roller duo flat long leg
    Mosella Pole Roller duo flat long leg
    Special Price £69.99 Regular Price £74.99
  8. Mosella Kompact EVA Roller Bag
    Mosella Kompact EVA Roller Bag
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £54.99
  9. Mosella White EVA Dry-Safe Bait Set
    Mosella White EVA Dry-Safe Bait Set
    Special Price £54.99 Regular Price £59.99
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Items 1-100 of 903

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