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Product categories
Bait Tech (15)
CC Moore (48)
DNA Baits (39)
Drennan (2)
Dynamite Baits (54)
E.S.P (6)
Enterprise Tackle (12)
Fox International (2)
Korda (5)
Mainline Baits (35)
Nash (41)
Premier Angling (5)
Sensas (13)
Sonubaits (63)
Sticky Baits (81)
Thinking Anglers (1)

Bait is essential for catching fish, and you can use just about anything from maggots to bread crusts or potato to tempt a hungry fish to go for the hook. Remember though, that different species of fish go for different treats, so you’ll need to learn what to use as bait for the fish you’re out to catch, whether it is natural or artificial.

It’s a rather obvious rule of thumb to discover that the more tasty and attractive-looking the bait is, the better your chances of landing a fish, which is why most anglers today prefer to use specially prepared fine fishing bait, developed by experts.

Premier Angling has a vast selection of the finest bait, formulated and designed top produce the most enticing natural flavours and aromas which fish find hard to ignore.

Our bait collection may be confusing for novice anglers, there being such a wide variety to choose from, but when you buy prepared bait from the top brands the packets all come with instructions about what fish they are best suited for.

Top Brand Fishing Bait

Buying bait this way is extremely cost effective. You get value for money because there are different categories of bait – groundbait, pellets, boilies, particles, and liquids – which are well packed so there is no waste, and they have a good shelf life.

If you’re not sure which bait to use, our friendly team here at Premier Angling will be happy to advise you. We’re a family-run fishing tackle store in Keynsham near Bristol, and we’re all experienced anglers ourselves.

Our store at the marina in Keynsham carries large stocks of bait, so you can pop in and chat to us about bait whenever you like. If you’re too far away, you can make use of our online shop and browse through the selection of bait – categorised below according to brand name – and give us a call on 01179 867507 if you have any questions.

When you order fishing bait here online we’ll make sure you receive your goods within a few days wherever you are in the UK.

Groundbait, Pellets and Boilies

As you see, we stock all the leading and most popular makes of bait, including Sticky Baits, CC Moore, Mainline, Bait-Tech, Sonubaits, Dynamite, Sensas, DNA and Nash.

Groundbait is typically used in coarse fishing, and is made of natural ingredients like maize, fishmeal, hemp seeds and breadcrumbs. Fishing pellets for coarse and carp fishing are come in different colours, sizes and shapes, a favourite for experienced anglers. Pellets work particularly well at commercial fishing venues because generally this is what the fish stock has been brought up on.

We also find a big demand for boilies – those protein rich boiled dough paste balls which are irresistible to carp.

We recommend that you keep your bait box equipped with a varied selection of bait types and additives so that you are always prepared for whatever you want to lure onto your hook.

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