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You can’t consider yourself an expert on “carp-ology” unless and until you’ve had experience with carp fishing indicators.

These were vital for carp anglers before the advent of today’s bite alarms, but they still remain an important aide in detecting when the carp are biting. Bite indicators therefore retain a special space in most carp angler’s tackle boxes.

You see, while a bite alarm lets you know when a fish is pulling at your hook, a bite indicator gives you much more information about what is going on between the fish and the line underneath the water.

A bobbin indicator, for example, allows you to see whether your line has moved and re-settled, or whether it has moved slightly and not come back down – indicating a very subtle bite.

With indicators attached to the bankstick below the bite alarms, you can get a wide range of information when the bite alarm is triggered. It’s also extremely useful to have indicators when using multiple rods, or when fishing both slack lines and tight lines.

There are many different types of indicators available – swingers, bobbins and monkey climbers, for example. Bobbins are by far the most popular, and they in turn come in a range of materials, sizes and styles that can be customised.

Hangers or swingers are great for eliminating false indications on bite alarms, and are reliable in all weather conditions.

We’ve got a large stock of bite indicators from the top brands, at a range of prices to suit your budget. If you need some advice or guidance about which carp indicator to choose, we’ll be happy to help.

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