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There was a time not too many years ago when experienced carp anglers wouldn’t consider using ready tied rigs, believing that nothing would work as well as making your own. All that’s changed now, thanks to the improvement in the quality of ready tied rigs being built by top tackle manufacturers, which are superbly effective as well as being made out of top quality components.

So there’s no need to feel second-best if you opt to use pre-built rigs to safe time and effort, whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner in the world of carp fishing.

Pre-tied rigs are so good that it just isn’t worth the hassle of making one from scratch, particularly if you don’t find any pleasure in the craft or struggle with it.

Whether you’re fishing in a lake or a river, we’ve got a carp fishing rig in the collection featured here that will work for you.

We stock the top brand ready tied carp rigs like Korda, Nash, ESP, Fox International and Thinking Anglers in a wide variety of types and variations, including hinge rigs, blow back rigs, hair rigs, chod rigs and more. All are made up of the basic components required for a carp fishing rig such as bait, hook, hook length, swivel, lead system, lead and leader.

Pick the rig you want to attach to the end of your line and order it here online – you’ll be out there angling in no time.

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