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The right rig is, of course, crucial to present the bait to the fish you are targeting in an optimum way. You can depend on a ready made rig, or prepare your own – in either case we’ve got a vast selection of winning components from top fishing tackle brands to make sure that big one won’t get away.

For a coarse fishing rig you’ll need a dependable mainline; an appropriate hook for the species you’re targeting; a swivel to prevent the line from twisting and tangling; a small shot weight to help sink the bait; a float or bobber as an indicator when a fish is biting; and the all-important bait, attached to the hook.

The most important part of the rig is the hooklength – intentionally the weakest point of the rig. It is a length of almost invisible line holding the hook which has a smaller diameter and lower breaking strain than the mainline, allowing you to pull for a break if your hook gets snagged and you can’t free it.

We’ve got plenty of stock of all the match and coarse fishing components you need for a reliable rig, all available to order here online for delivery to your door wherever you are in the UK.

Treat yourself to all the equipment you need to get out there and experiment with different rigs and hooklengths to see what works best in various fishing conditions.

You’re welcome to contact us on 01179 867507 or via the contact form on our website if you need some advice about rigs or hooklengths.

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