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If you’re going after predators you need a tough line that sharp teeth can’t bite through. Here at Premier Angling we’ve assembled a great selection of products so that you can choose the best line for your predator – especially pike – angling.

In this category you’ll find predator fishing line from all the big names like Daiwa, Korum, Berkley, HTO, Savage Gear, Fox Rage, E-Sox, Spiderwire and Leeda.

What you need from a line suitable for predator angling is something that allows for artful lure movement and something strong enough to withstand the weedy areas where predators lurk, and their hard bite and fast run.

Most pike and perch anglers choose braided lines, which have multiple fibres moulded and welded together. They’re strong, but thin in diameter, taking up less spool space which allows for a big casting range.

Braided & Monofilament Fishing Line

Braided fishing line won’t stretch like mono lines, and it is very responsive, letting you feel what’s happening at the end of your rig and helping you guide your lure.

The breaking strength of a braided line is measured in Pounds, ranging from 20lbs to 50lbs and more.

There is also a place for monofilament fishing line in predator angling, particularly because it is translucent and therefore not as visible as braided line. It’s ideal for predator fish that are easily scared off. It’s also inexpensive.

If you browse the selection of predator fishing line we have available to order here online you’ll probably notice that we also have spools of fluorocarbon leader line in various breaking strains. Fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water, making it almost invisible to the fish even in clear waters. It also has exceptional abrasion resistance and high knot strength. It is very dense line so works well with bottom bait in a lake or river bed.

We always enjoy a good natter, so if you would like to share your fishing line tips or tap into our experience of predator fishing we’d love to hear from you. Call 01179 867507 or contact us online. If you’re in the Bristol area you can visit our huge tackle shop in person at the Keynsham Marina.

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