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Part of the challenge and fun of pike and predator fishing is to target your catch with what you decide is the right lure for the prey and water conditions. The more realistic and lifelike the lure, and the more it replicates favourite baitfish, the more successful your angling will be.

Lure manufacturers are continually conducting research and using modern engineering and technology to come up with the best pike lures. Premier Angling likes to keep abreast of the trends for the sake of our predator angling customers, so we keep a plentiful stock of a wide array of the latest lures, ready and waiting to be added to your tackle box so you can choose and test what works best for you and your target fish. When it comes to predator fishing lures, it’s a case of “the more the merrier”.

Wide Selection of Predator Fishing Lures

There are, for instance, rubber lures – sometimes with a weighted tail – that imitate the natural movement of baitfish; some lures have features like spinner blades that attract predators by making vibrations and reflections in the water; others can be dosed with liquid attractant to make them irresistible.

The colour of a lure is important too – not only should they imitate baitfish but the brighter and more patterned they are the easier they can be spotted by the hungry fish in cloudy water.

You can take your pick from a selection of different kinds of lures, like surface lures, floating plugs, suspending divers, slow sinkers and metal spoons and spinners. Each has its most effective time and conditions, and it’s getting to know what works best, when and where that makes for an experienced angler.

Enjoy browsing through our predator fishing lure collection here online. It’s easy to pop some in your shopping basket for quick delivery so you can be trying them out next time you’re off fishing. If you have any questions about fishing lures or any other fishing tackle from Premier Angling, please get in touch.

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