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The right sea fishing lure, daylight or feathers will have you reeling in those predatory fish like sea bass, pollock and mackerel. Use the appropriate lures for attracting the species you’re after, whether you are boat or shore angling.

There are two main  types of lures – hard and soft. Hard lures are plugs featuring two or three hooks, while a soft lure has a rubbery body and is designed to be used with a jig head. There are imitative lures, designed to resemble the fish’s natural prey with features like eyes, shiny or silvery finish, and realistic movement aids such as a paddling tail, multi-segmented body or diving vane. Others are provocative lures, usually garishly coloured and decorated with patterns and shapes designed to stimulate the fish’s curiousity.

Feathers and daylights are extremely popular for fishing from steep beaches or piers because they are extremely effective especially when fishing for mackerel. Feather rigs work on the simple principle that a feather pulled through the water closely resembles a small fish. With a rig of mixed coloured feathers mounted onto a hook the fish are easily fooled. Daylights –  strips of reflective plastic mounted on a hook – work in the same way as feathers when pulled through the water, tempting the fish to bite.

Premier Angling has a wide selection of all types of artificial sea fishing lures, feather rigs and daylights available to order here online. What you use is down to personal preference, but the range that we offer are all tried and tested sea water corrosive-resistant lures, designed by the big names in angling equipment such as Berkley, Tronix, Salmo, Savage Gear and Konichi.

Most anglers have a variety of different lures, feathers and daylights to hand because even though one type might work a treat on a particular day or location, on another occasion it may all fall flat and you’ll need to try an alternative.

The joy of fishing is its unpredictability, so stock your lure box with a selection of saltwater lures in different sizes, colours, patterns and weights so that you’re ready for anything. The more the merrier.

If you’d like more information about sea fishing with lures, or want more details about these or any other items of fishing tackle, give us a call on 01179 867507 or use the online contact form.

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