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Sea Fishing Rods


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There are a wide range of sea fishing rods available, including specialist rods for rock, beach and boat fishing, with a wide range of prices and different makes, so making a choice can be quite daunting!

If you’re just starting out testing the water as far as sea fishing goes, the best option to start with is a general purpose rod, known as a beachcaster. These usually come in lengths of up to 14ft, although longer ones (continental style rods) are popular too because in theory you can make longer casts with a longer rod.

A basic, inexpensive sea fishing rod will serve the purpose for those who are occasional fishermen or women, but quality is key if you’re aiming to cast for long distances or fish across rough ground. An all-round beachcaster will catch you fish, however, and perform well with simple casting styles, handling average casting weights of 4 to 6 ounces.

Other types of sea fishing rods include telescopic rods, convenient to carry and transport so great for vacationing anglers. Fishing rods usually come in two, or even three sections, but telescopic rods come in a collapsible single piece that can shrink down to a mere 18 inches or so in length. Most telescopic rods are spinning rods used, ten feet or less in length, great for fishing for mackerel, or even light bait fishing.

If you’re after small species you’ll get good results from a lighter specialist bass or flatfish rod, ideal for use in estuaries or casting behind the breakers off of the beach.

Then there are Light rock fishing rods (LRFs) for catching the littlies like gobies and blennies that live in the shallows; strong, robust pier rods; versatile spinning rods for mackerel, bass and pollock); long surf rods; and overhead rods for deep-sea boat fishing.

When deciding on a rod it helps to narrow down what your target fish species is, where it lives and what its feeding habits are, then you can weigh up the best length of rod to use, the right weight class required, degree of flexibility and what it is made of.

Premier Angling offers you a wide choice of sea fishing rods, divided into two categories – shore and boat rods. All the rods listed are available to order online for fast delivery anywhere in the UK. We stock the latest sea fishing rod models from all the top brands, including Penn, Shimano, Leeda, Vercelli, Tronixpro and Shakespeare.

If you need help with choosing a rod, feel free to get in touch or visit us in our tackle store at Keynsham near Bristol.

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