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Terminal Tackle


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Premier Angling’s online shop is well-stocked with all the terminal tackle a sea angler could wish for. As any experienced fisherman will tell you, having the right kit is half the battle. Browse through our selection of terminal tackle here in this category and choose what you need to make your own rigs or traces, or opt for pre-tied hook rigs if you don’t trust your knotting skills.

The idea is that as your sea fishing skills develop you will end up with a carefully curated set of terminal tackle that you can use to make a range of rigs to suit different species of fish, and different conditions.

Hooks are the major element of terminal tackle, which is why we stock a comprehensive range of top brand hooks of different types, styles and sizes, all tailored to catch species in British waters.

Our collection of terminal tackle, available to order here online, includes items from top makers like Sukuma, Kamasan, Tronixpro, Cox and Rawle and Fish & Fin. You can choose to buy a bargain box full of rig-building components like the Gemini Genie Rig Building Box, or mix and match, selecting your own favourite individual bits and pieces of terminal tackle from our range.

The unitiated might think that making your own sea rigs (or traces) is more trouble than it is worth, but it is not a very complicated process to make a simple rig that will catch fish. There are plenty of online tutorials and videos explaining how to make sea rigs.

Basically, they have a top swivel, which is the point where the main line is clipped or tied onto the rig. Then below this is affixed the strong rig body line with a high breaking strain. Trapped swivels are attached at intervals for the attachment of snoods (or hooklengths) – lengths of monofilament line which branch off from the rig body with a hook at the end. Sea fishing rigs have up to three snoods. At the bottom of the body line is affixed a link or clip which is used for attaching the weight.

There are a variety of other components that can be added to a rig as well to make it more attractive to the fish, such as beads and sequins.

Here at Premier Angling we are keen, experienced fisherfolk, always pleased to share tips and tactics with our customers, so if you have any questions or want advice about any of our sea terminal tackle please get in touch. If you are within reach of our huge physical tackle store in Keynsham near Bristol, we’d love to meet you in person.

Don’t forget we offer free delivery on all orders over £75, and we deliver to anywhere in the UK.

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