Avid BenchMark Chair

Benchmark Chair

Massively comfortable reclining chair with arm rests. Features a luxurious padded mattress that is contoured to offer back support where it matters. The individually adjustable legs feature our protected ROCK-STEADY™ system, which does away with the ugly lever systems used on other chairs. This innovative system prevents the internal extendable leg from rocking – a big issue with standard setups. It also hides the mechanism, giving a much sleeker and professional look. Each ROCK-STEADY™ leg has its own non-slip mud foot, which hinges to find the perfect level every time, giving you maximum stability.

Features Include:
ROCK-STEADY™ leg locking system
Luxurious mattress, shaped to support your back
Recliner system
Reinforced arm rests
Comfortable and hardwearing materials
Weight 7.3kg

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