Cygnet Wide Splash Mat

The Cygnet Splash Mat serves a multitude
 of purposes. Its soft, lay-flat material prevents vegetation interfering with delicately set indicators and lines. Plus, the Mat eliminates incidences of grit being pushed into the workings of expensive reels. And the silk black finish and minimal graphics mean your indicators have a
plain background so they’re highly visible. At a compact 73 x 39cm, the Mat comes complete with 4 ground spikes and set’s-off any buzzer bar set up perfectly.
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Key Features:

  • Cygnet Splash Mats serve a multitude of purposes
  • Soft, lay-flat material
  • Prevents vegetation interfering with your set up
  • The mats eliminate incidences of grit
  • Silk black finish and minimal graphics
  • At 81 x 50cm, the Wide Splash Mat is built for larger reels
  • Add extra peripheral protection
  • Comes complete with 4 ground spikes
  • Sets off any buzzer bar set-up perfectly


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