Dynamite Monster Tigernut Red-Amo 15mm Boilies 1kg

An absolute premium all year round boilie which is fast becoming a classic

When updating our packaging in 2013 for the original Monster Tiger Nut boilie we wanted to refresh or bring something new to the range but as the recipe and boilie itself had been so successful over the years we also didn’t want to mess with anything too much! Some months earlier we had been testing a new fruit based palatant that really stood out, producing such a strong re-action during tests we just had to investigate further.  We immediately rolled some batches of boilies containing different levels of this unique fruit palatant, deciding to marry it up with the original Monster Tiger Nut recipe.


Key Features:

  • Unique sweet, creamy, nutty & fruity aroma
  • Pink colour
  • All Season Attractants
  • Contains fruit flavour, tiger nut flour & milk, sweet vanilla
  • Supplied in resalable zip lock bags


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