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ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon

Product SKU: ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon

E.S.P Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon 20m

Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon is softer than the original and can be straightened out straight off the spool without the aid of steam.



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This improved fluorocarbon replaces the original version of Soft Ghost. So what is different about it? Well, it’s still 100% fluorocarbon but a couple of key attributes set it apart from its predecessor. Firstly it is even softer. It behaves impeccably and can be straightened out straight off the spool without the aid of steam and although softer, it will still kick the hook bait away from the lead.

Secondly, fluorocarbons have often been known for lacking stretch and impact resistance. These issues have been completely eradicated with this new material which now has a nice degree of stretch and superb knot strength.

With a specific gravity of 1.78 which is heavier than water it sinks quickly without the need for tungsten putty and with it being invisible in water, Soft Ghost provides the perfect solution for a whole range of presentations from braid/fluoro combi rigs, reverse combi rigs, ‘D’ rigs and as a boom for hinged stiff rigs, especially when targeting ‘riggy’ carp in clear water.


  • 20m spool
  • Invisible
  • Super soft
  • Quick sink
  • Extra stretch

Available in;

  • 10lb / 4.5kg
  • 12lb / 5.5kg
  • 15lb / 6.8kg
  • 18lb / 8.2kg





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