Fortis Eyewear Wraps Sunglasses – Switch Technology

Key Features

  • Switch technology darkens lenses substantially due to UV light
  • Lenses contain light sensitive molecules that change shape and colour
  • The lenses will begin to lighten as soon as they are away from UV light
  • Gradually the lenses will return to their original state
  • Fortis Wraps Switch technology will be the perfect shades for all conditions
  • Fit perfectly around the face, totally eliminating unwanted light
  • Their shape is designed to block any penetrating light
  • Also have side lenses too for total 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Soft rubber inserts on the frame arms ensure these frames dont slip off your head
  • A unique vent system at the top of the frame
  • Increases airflow preventing mist/fog build up when pushing a barrow
  • Stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame
  • Means they can be worn all day long comfortably
  • Comes with a branded hard protective case with clasp
  • Which can be attached to the outside of your bag for easy access
  • Frame Length: 140mm
  • Bridge Length: 21
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