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Drennan Crystal Dibber Bandit Pole Rigs

Product SKU: Drennan Crystal Dibber Bandit Pole Rigs

Drennan Crystal Dibber Bandit Pole Rigs

These rigs feature eyed Wide Gape Power hooks with a hair-rigged Natural Latex Pellet Band. This band can be easily pulled around a hard pellet or dumbell with the help of a Band Stretcher or carefully pulled inside pellets, meat, corn and drilled boilies with a Band Puller tool.

*A random selection of red, orange or yellow float tips will be supplied based on available stock*



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Only 3 left in stock

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Each rig is tied to sensible line from 0.18mm (5.8lb) to 0.23mm (8.9lb) depending on rig size. They also feature hooklengths joined loop-to-loop from 0.16mm (4.9lb) to 0.20mm (6.9lb) and Wide Gape Carp or Power Carp Riggers hooks from 16s to 12s.

The actual floats used are Drennan’s award-winning Crystal Dibbers, which are tough, buoyant and purpose made for catching carp in shallow water. They are ideal in depths up to around 1.2m deep – whether that’s up in the water, down the margins or tight across to a far-bank island. The transparent body is also much harder for a fish to detect. Fluorescent red, orange and yellow tops are available to suit all preferences.

Each Dibber Rig comes on a super-tough pole winder with clearly printed information, stating the float, line and hook size.

The rigs are tied to 1.5m of line, which can be trimmed down further should you wish. In good conditions, we recommend having anything from 30cm to 60cm of line above the float. If it is windy or the fish are particularly wary of swimming under your pole tip, then 1m or more of line above the float can be better.

The floats are accurately shotted with a neat bulk of shot. You can alter the shot’s position by moistening the line and carefully sliding one shot at a time, up or down the line.

These feature a Wide Gape Carp spade end hook and are ideal for directly mounting live baits such as maggots, casters and worms along with soft pellets, meat and sweetcorn.


  • Strong and durable line and hooks
  • Sensible shot sizes
  • Well-tied loops
  • Toughened pole winder
  • Clear information printed on pole winder
  • Ideal for shallow fishing, margins and far-bank islands
  • For depths between 20cm and 1.2m
  • Perfect for catching carp and quality fish
  • Ready to fish with straight from the packet

Available in;

  • 0.2g Bandit Dibber / Main line: 0.18mm (5.8lb) / Hooklength: 0.16mm (4.9lb) / Hook: 16 Power Hair Rigger with pellet band
  • 0.3g Bandit Dibber / Main line: 0.20mm (6.9lb) / Hooklength: 0.18mm (5.8lb) / Hook: 14 Power Hair Rigger with pellet band
  • 0.4g Bandit Dibber / Main line: 0.23mm (8.9lb) / Hooklength: 0.20mm (6.9lb) / Hook: 14 Power Hair Rigger with pellet band




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